HUE HD Pro Camera £49.95

HUE HD Pro Hard Carry Case £15.95

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Following the pandemic, we all realised how crucial it is to be able to work flexibly between work and home offices, especially in the world of education where teachers and children alike had to tackle all that comes with studying virtually online. For many teachers, poor quality cameras, less-than-ideal lighting, and difficult setups made it harder to teach – especially in subject areas such as maths and science which benefit from being taught through demonstrated examples.

However, many of the same problems can be still found in offices and classrooms where cumbersome, poor quality, old-style visualisers are often in situ. It has become clear that a cost-effective solution to the problem of how to show a close-up demonstration for wider engagement of your class or meeting attendees is much needed.

This is where the HUE HD Pro camera takes centre stage, with its crystal-clear image, high-quality audio capture and simple LED lighting; presenting, demonstrating and teaching are made so much easier.

The HUE HD Pro document camera has full HD 1080p resolution (1920x 1080), built-in LED lights and a high-quality noise cancelling microphone. It is designed to be portable and lightweight and is compatible with classroom interactive smart boards, third-party software including Windows, macOS, ChromeOS and Linux distributions, as well as any app that recognises a USB camera such as Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams and Slack.

It can simply be plugged into your desktop or laptop’s USB port to bring you immediate photo and video capabilities, sound, and lighting options. We received the green HUE HD Pro camera which was a nice colourway (it is available in red, blue, green and black) and it was remarkably easy to set up. Straight out of the box, I plugged it in, and it was immediately recognised by my PC. The sturdy base and flexible gooseneck ensure that you can angle the camera into the perfect position, whilst also being able to use the manual focus to get really close to the text or 3D object you want to show on a larger screen.

I personally think this would make a great choice for science teaching where the camera can be used as a basic microscope or to video record a fast chemical reaction which can then be played back to the class for closer observation. Safety considerations are also paramount in the classroom and the hands-free nature of the camera allows everyone, including the teacher, to maintain a safe distance.

This would make a great gift for any teacher, business professional or student in your life who needs a portable, compact, and on-the-go document camera and visualiser. By buying the HUE HD Pro you are eliminating the need to buy a separate webcam, lighting, microphone, and even a tripod – so you are saving a great deal with this all-in-one device.

However, HUE went one step further and created a hard carry case designed exclusively for the HUE HD Pro. It has a moulded interior which perfectly fits the shape of the camera head and base, as well as accommodating the cables on the opposite side. The snug fit ensures that the camera is protected during transportation as well as providing a safe storage option, away from knocks and falls of classroom life.

The case can be fully zipped up and the hardshell comes in two colourways – one in a sleek and minimalist black, and another in a white/multi-coloured style. Both provide unrivalled and specialised protection as well as giving a professional feel to your document camera. This makes a perfect addition to buy for those in your life who already have the camera, or as an additional purchase alongside the HUE HD Pro. See current Back to School offer above!

Overall, the HUE HD Pro is a great choice for teachers and business professionals who need an easy-to-use, compact and reliable visualiser for use right across the curriculum or in industry.  As we move into the autumn months and many across the UK return to education, HUE and its HUE HD Pro Camera with hard carry case are an essential buy.


- HUE HD Pro Camera is lightweight and multifunctional

- Plug & Play with easy setup

- Hard carry case specifically designed for the HUE HD Pro 

- Compact hard case for easy transportation with peace of mind