JOBY Beamo™ Studio Creator Kit


Ready to start your own YouTube channel but aren’t sure where to begin with lighting and a tripod set-up? JOBY has got your back again with its Beamo™ Studio Creator Kit providing you with everything you could need for your first home studio set-up.

I will start by saying that no, I am no aspiring influencer - However, as someone who consumes a lot of content on YouTube, I know what a good set-up should look like to deliver great video results. Therefore, I was excited to test out this kit by JOBY to see how easy it would really be for a beginner to set up and use.

Inside the box, you have the Beamo™ Studio Key Light which has built-in soft lens diffusion to help get perfectly lit shots every time. This light sits on the table stand, which at full height holds the light 95cm from the tabletop – an ideal height for shooting sit-down video content. Also in the box is the phone mount with a flexible Gorilla Pod® arm which allows you to move your phone into the perfect angle and framing every time.

The Wavo™ Mobile mic is also included in the box which you can attach to the Studio Key Light or the phone mount to improve the audio quality of your videos too! However, the kit goes one step further and has the Beamo™ Studio Background Light in the box, which allows you to flick through a range of 12 different colours and 10 different brightness settings to give the background of your shots a fun and colourful hue.

To set it up, all I had to do was attach my phone to the stand and the microphone, turn the light on and I was ready to go. I recorded some short clips both with the light on and without to see whether the quality was any different from my regular phone camera. After reviewing the footage, I have to say the image quality is much nicer with the soft almost blurring light, especially compared to the footage without the light on. The table stand was also great for moving up and down to get the best shot. I stood the stand on my desk and moved back on my chair for that classic talking head shot, and found it was easy enough to achieve. I did like that I could adjust my phone slightly to make the framing perfect too.

In terms of the background light, it was fine. I wouldn’t say it is essential, but it adds a nice look if you have a particular aesthetic or background you are trying to achieve. For the audio, it was slightly improved compared to the sound quality usually recorded on my phone, however, I wouldn’t say it was groundbreaking. I think a microphone which you can keep closer to you for less of an echoey feel would be my personal preference – but hey I’m no influencer!

Overall, if you are just getting into making video content for YouTube then the JOBY Studio Creator kit is perfect for you. It allows you to make the most out of using your phone as your primary camera without all the expensive price tags which ring lights, tripods, cameras and microphones usually come with. As a first home studio set up, or as one paired back set up that you can take with you on the go then the JOBY Studio Creator Kit is a great pick.


  • Great for first home studio setup
  • 10 settings on Key Light, with three brightnesses (can be controlled with the included remote)
  • Easy to manoeuvre phone mount rig for perfect angling and framing


  • The microphone doesn’t have a giant impact on sound quality other than making it a little crisper – but for a beginner making the most of their phone to capture video content it works well enough