Sensoria Smart Socks 

We know what you might be thinking. “Smart socks?! What will they try next?” It could sound like a step too far, but actually, this product is a step in the right direction when it comes to sports and health monitoring. After all, why monitor your steps from your wrist when you could do so much more accurately from your feet? 
Sensoria’s smart socks are just one of many smart sports garments from this company (which also produces smart shirts and even smart sports bras). Able to track speed, pace, cadence and foot landing, these socks do more than just work as a pedometer. They even compare the efficiency of your various shoes and how they impact your walking and running. 
So how do these socks work? The fabric of the entire garment is infused with proprietary 100% textile sensors: these sensors send information back about the entire shape and movement of your foot, allowing the smart socks to analyse this data and feed it back in a useful way. This is something a Smart Watch just can’t do. 
Despite this design feature, these socks are safe to get wet (a relief to know, as you’ll be running in them!) In fact, incredibly, they are machine washable – all you need to do is remove the monitor chip (microelectronic 9-axis IMU - accelerometer, gyroscope & magnetometer - Sensoria Core device, to be exact!), which easily unclips and the rest of the sock can go in the machine.  The sensors in the fabric will be unaffected, and the fabric itself actually proves to be breathable and moisture-wicking fabric despite everything else the socks have going on. The socks even fit with comfortable compression on your feet: not only are these socks brimming with Smart features, they have been designed to function as comfortable, practical sports socks, too. 

The level of data these socks are able to gather is excellent for preventing injury. If your feet land in a way that could lead to a twist or a fall, these socks will let you know, via your smartphone or smartwatch, with both audio and visual feedback (making them more accessible). Keeping an eye on the quality of your running, these socks are fantastically useful if you’re training at an advanced level, if you’re brand new to training or if you’re recovering from an injury or illness. Whatever level of fitness you are at, the areas these socks check and track are essential for both efficient workouts and for staying safe. 
Because of this, these smart socks have won several awards, including “Best New Wearable Technology Device” by IDTechEX and “Cool Vendors in Wearable Electronics, 2014” by Gartner®. 
Currently, these socks are only available in black, though the company is working to produce a wider colour range. Please be aware that the Sensoria Run app is only available through iOS smart phone devices, not Apple Watch. 

Monitor the quality & safety of your running & footfall 
Sensors throughout fabric 
Tracks whole shape of your feed 
Machine washable 
Comfortable to wear 
Good compression 
Wicking and breathable 
Audio and visual feedback 
Supported by an app 
Not a high price 
Needs more colours (coming soon) 
Not available on Apple Watch