Polar V650

The V650 gives you everything the M450 has to offer as well as the OpenStreetMap feature and Route guidance allowing you to see exactly where you are on the map whilst on the go. It also boosts a large 2.8” colour touch screen, it is understandably heavier at 122g to the M450’s 50g, it gives you the same accurate altitude data with the built-in barometric pressure sensor, compatible with the free Polar Flow web service and with the Polar Bluetooth Smart heart rate and cycling sensors.

Polar M450

The M450 is a different kettle of fish all together. It is a GPS tracker designed specifically for a bike with an integrated barometer for precise altitude functions, you can track your speed, distance and route, you can set the display to show the data you want, use external Polar Bluetooth® Smart sensors to get information like heart rate, speed, cadence or power.

Polar Loop Crystal

The Polar Crystal Loop is an activity tracker that is also trying to be an elegant piece of jewellery. In my humble option it looks tacky, its silicone wristband has been adorned with delicate Swarovski crystals which clash with the thick strap, it looks tacky and half hearted, aesthetics aside this doesn’t have as much to offer as the A360. You need the Polar H7 heart rate monitor to use the Energy Training, Training Benefit and Heart Rate During Training features but you do get the sleep tracking feature.

Polar A360

Starting off with the A360 this is a wrist-based heart rate monitor that keeps you in the right heart rate zone whether you are circuit training, cycling, jogging or even walking, as well as the heart monitor the A360 also tracks your steps, calories, training and sleep patterns and the Activity Guides give you feedback. You can link the A360 to your phone so it will vibrate on your wrist when you get a message or phone call or to remind you of an important date in your calendar.

Polar M600

The M600 is the latest offering from Polar, who are known for bringing smarts into sports. Polar have nearly 40 years of experience and a proud heritage in innovative physiological and sports medical research. They are the pioneers in heart rate monitoring, activity trackers and training computers; they created the first heart rate monitor, the first activity tracker and now the first fully functioning smart watch truly made for sports.