Myzone MZ-60 Watch

Myzone is a workout system that combines the joys of sweating your bits off with modern technology, to ensure that you are correctly sweating the right bits off with the right amount of effort. No matter if you are seasoned sports pro or it the first time you have put on a pair of trainers, Myzone helps you feel confident in your exercise. The focus of the Myzone system is ensuring that you are in the right heart rate zone by using the Myzone MZ-3 chest strap to measure you heart rate (equiv.

Spur Atomic Smartwatch

The Atomic by Spur is a powerful Smartwatch that works by using a separate microSIM card so you can link it to your Smartphone and use it not just as a display for notifications but so you can reply to messages, answer calls and browse the web also. It offers the same connectivity as would your phone with built in Bluetooth and GPS, you can also stay connected with all your social media accounts Facebook, Twitter basically any app the you can run on Android 4.2.