Not everyone has a garden, and yet many of us need somewhere to dry our laundry. If you live in a flat or apartment, would struggle to get outside, or just want to be able to dry your laundry on a rainy day, the pull-out clothes line from Brabantia is a discrete and space-saving alternative to a dry rack.

Drying racks may seem convenient, but let’s face it – when they’re up, they dominate a lot of space, and even when they’re folded down, they’re yet another thing to wrestle away into a cupboard or to just lean messily against the wall. Wouldn’t it be great if it could just vanish when it’s not needed? The pull-out washing line can!

Attached to the wall in a small white or matt steel mount, the washing line is about the size and look of a clingfilm dispenser, but instead, it dispenses a five-row washing line that can extend up to 4.4 meters and attach to an opposite wall. Be warned – the 22 meters advertised capacity of the washing line includes all five rows, so don’t buy it if you’re hoping to stretch it further than 4.4 meters. However, its actual reach allows it to be put up in most rooms, and in total you have 22 meters of washing line space.

The washing line is smooth to pull out and easy to attach. It has an auto blocking system that keeps the lines taut, to make sure that your clothes dry well, and when you’re all done, it easily tucks away again, almost as though it was never there. This is a great solution to clutter, if you want to be able to do your laundry inside without it dominating your life. Simply find an out-the-way place to install the line, and your problems are solved. It’s even made from corrosion resistant materials, and comes with a five-year warranty, so you can put it up in your bathroom without fear.
RRP: £25.50 - £41.00

Easy to set up
Five rows of drying – 22 meters total
Corrosion resistant

4.4 meter stretch limit