Peli - R60 Personal Utility RUCK™ Case
£120 ~

If you’re looking for an uber-military way to protect your gear, the R60 has you covered. This battle-ready looking piece of storage will have you feeling like you’re tooling up for some sort of apocalypse, and that’s the kind of intensity I appreciate in my kit.

The R60 claims to be “crushproof” and “adventure proof”. Sadly, I wasn’t allowed to attack it with my car or any heavy implements, but you only have to inspect this thing and chuck it around to see that it means business.

The R60 will keep your gear safe and sound. It has rubberised ‘bumpers’ around the corners and edges of its casing, thus protecting the contents from any jolting impact if it’s dropped or knocked into, as well as the bonus of improved grip. As for the case itself, it is made out of ABS plastic, meaning it is abrasion and impact proof. On top of this, the case has an IP68 protection rating, meaning it is resistant not only to rain but also to dirt, dust and snow. In terms of waterproofing, the case can be submerged up to two meters for up to half an hour - plenty of time to recover your tools if you drop them in a river. This protection is contributed to by a built-in pressure valve that cleverly keeps water and dust out of the case by maintaining the interior’s air pressure.

Another useful element in the exterior design is a series of attachment points for ropes or carabineers, allowing you to last the case to yourself or your other gear. The case also features a MOLLE-style looping system on the interior that helps to secure items in place – the same systems used in the American army. This storage uses Velcro straps to secure items to a series of removable, changeable dividers that you can set as needed.

We were sent the R60, the largest of the three available sizes, measuring in at 28.3 x 17.4 x 9.9 cm. There are two smaller sizes available as well (the R20 and R40), great for protecting your smaller valuables on the go.

This Ruck Case takes military practicality and makes it into a fun, reliable way to store your important items on the go. Using the Ruck Case does sacrifice the more casual ease of pockets or a soft utility belt, but the hardiness and security you gain is no joke. Beef up your storage game and see how much your tools and treasures can survive!




Abrasion, impact and drop-proof casing
Resistant to rain, wind, dust and snow
Waterproof up to two meters for half an hour
Flexible and secure interior storage
ABS plastic
Rubberised exo-skeleton
Military aesthetic
Attachment points


Only available in black