Nightsearcher NEW HazStar Rechargeable Hazard Work Light
Price £67.00

One of the most dangerous, and certainly the most stressful parts of your car breaking down is making sure you’re seen by other drivers. If your car is stuck somewhere it shouldn’t be at night, you want to know that you’re visible not only to the repair people headed to rescue you, but also other drivers. Gone are the days of a hazard triangle that relies on reflecting the beam of other driver’s headlights: the new HazStar hazard work light from NightSearcher is equipped with a dual function to both warn other drivers that you’re around and also light up your work area for any emergency tire changes and other roadside repairs.

A brilliant detail in the HazStar is that it’s rechargeable, so as long as you have engine power, you can’t get caught out. It has a red hazard light that shines in the traditional triangle shape to let other drivers know you’re broken down, and can also work as a regular work light to brighten an area whilst you check on your car.
The 3 x red hazard light can be removed from the light and magnetically placed around a broken down vehicle and is visible up to 100m and runs for nine hours, whilst the regular light has a 15m beam and a six hour run time. Both lights are able to shine at an impressive 2000 lumens, so you don’t need to worry that you won’t be seen! The hazard lights can either remain on the work light itself, which has a handy stand and is made of robust material, or they can detach to be placed elsewhere around the car.

Ever ready for an emergency, this light ever comes with the ability to charge your phone, to make sure you can call for help! I would feel much safer knowing this work light was in my car’s box of emergency supplies: it isn’t a cheap purchase, but when it comes to road safety, your future self will thank you for the investment



Hazard lights and a work light beam
Removable hazard lights
Charges your phone
6-9 hour battery life