Phelps Ninja Swimming Goggles
£33.99 to £57.00 depending on colours. Perfect choice for wannabe Olympians!


As this next product is a pair of swimming goggles, let’s dive straight into this review! The new Ninja Swimming Googles by Phelps are a crucial piece of equipment if you are an avid swimmer. If you participate in competitions too, then be assured that these are a pair of FINA approved goggles and have all the necessary adjustments to make them sit as comfortably as possible across your face.

Though they are a fairly cheap pair of goggles, Phelps Ninja Swimming Goggles boast a lovely sleek design and come in a variety of colour schemes – grey/blue, white/black, white/blue or black/yellow.

I tend not to use goggles when I go swimming, mainly because I tend to keep my head out of the water and just do lengths, but it is also because I had poor experiences with goggles in the past. They either leaked, steamed up or just felt incredibly uncomfortable to wear. Clearly, I never had the Phelps goggles in my life before now!

These goggles are designed with the frequent swimmer in mind, as comfort and practicality are paramount in the features included. The Curved Lens Technology allows to see clearly whilst you are in the pool. Superior optic engineering rids any blurriness and gives you a full 180° scope of vision alongside maintaining superior hydrodynamics. The Interchangeable Nose Bridge lets you customise your goggles with ease. Many cheap pairs of swimming goggles are one size fits all and usually rely on the stretchy rubber strap to do all the work. Of course, Phelps realise that no two faces are the same, so they included 4 different bridge sizes that can be changed with ease, all the while maintaining comfort and the leak free seal. Comfort is also provided by the Exo-Core Technology that creates stability and protection in the structure around the lenses. Ultra-soft Softeril material means that these goggles are both streamlined and lightweight to wear.

As these are a Phelps pair of goggles, they have competition in mind. The Ninja is a new goggle launch for the 2020 and is the Race Fit System. This is a one lifetime low-profile strap adjustment system that is paired with a high quality, low profile silicone strap. This means that once you have set the fit, it will never budge. This is an incredibly convenient feature for a professional level piece of equipment. The last thing you want to be doing before your 100m butterfly is messing around with the strap because it is either too tight or not tight enough. Your mind will be at ease knowing you can pop them straight on and have the perfect fit every time.

So, whether you are a competition-level swimmer or simply just take yourself to the local pool in the morning for a brief dip, you can find benefits from the Phelps Ninja Swimming Goggles. As these have the seal of approval from the Olympic Gold Medal winner himself, Micheal Phelps, then you can assure yourself that you are purchasing a product that could help you reach your own swimming heights too!



Perfect Fit Every Time strap
4 Nose Bridge Sizes