The RUSH Short Sleeve top had the honour of making its debut appearance on the final day of my three-month Tough Mudder training, this had involved 8-mile runs, hour-long circuit training, hill sprints and many MANY pull ups, thankfully my last session consisted of a very gentle 5 miler (although it was chucking it down at the time, nice weather would be too easy). The top, available in both men’s and women’s versions, comes in three colours: the same grey we have seen before in the RUSH collection (women’s only), with a hint of purple to it, black and lighter grey, they all feature the RUSH branding in between the centre of the shoulders and the Under Armour logo on the front of the chest, this stands out the most prominently on the lighter grey. The first thing I noticed was how lightweight the top was, and that element paired with the silky-smooth material made it very comfortable to wear, it hung comfortably over my running tights whereas some can ride up with the continuous movement. The top has a fitted finish, which means it has a slimmer athletic-style cut that follows the natural shape of the body but doesn’t provide any compression. The top can be worn as a base, mid or top layer and due to its thin material it doesn’t create bulk. Like the other RUSH products we have seen, it has the mineral-infused fabric that claims to absorb the energy your body emits and reflect it back into your tissues and muscles.

I’m not sure I noticed any obvious effects on my muscles from the material, but my upper body did feel warm and relaxed straight from the start and remained so even in the rain. There is a small amount of mesh panelling on the collar for added breathability, but overall there is very little breathability in this top; the thin material helps some heat escape but as I often get very hot whilst working out I would avoid wearing this on very warm days. The dropped hem provides enhanced coverage (just in case your leggings ride down) and it is shaped to create a streamlined silhouette that’s rather flattering. Both the men’s and the women’s version of this top are very similar although the men’s has mesh insets on the side hem for added breathability as well as a modified raglan sleeve and low profile collar construction instead of the high collar seen in the women’s version. The looser fit and reduced ventilation means it might become too warm and ride up during intense HIIT classes with movements like mountain climbers, hip thrusters or any upside-down work, headstands or handstands for example, however I would recommend this top for things like weight training, running or tennis thanks to the lightweight, soft and flexible material. RRP £45

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4 out of 5


Lightweight and silky soft

Stretchy material

Dropped hem

Collar creates unique look

Muscles felt warm and relaxed from the start


Lacks ventilation