Babolat Wimbledon Racquets – Boost & Evoke 105

Babolat Wimbledon Racquets – Boost & Evoke 105
Evoke 105: £50
Boost: £90

We’ve been feeling that call of the summer sun and the lifting of lockdown here in the office, all heading outside to get back to our favorite sports with renewed enthusiasm. For some of us, that means getting back on the bikes or lacing up the running shoes, and for others, it’s meant getting back to the courts.

Babolat Pure Drive Play Tennis Racket

It has never been more fashionable to be fit, and with Instagram clogging up with photos and videos of people showing off a record-length plank or folding themselves into the Scorpion Broken Tail, it seems the whole world is in competition to be the best. Technology has quickly tried to squeeze itself into every corner of the market to help you record, analyse and share whatever your chosen exercise is, and Babolat have joined the game by creating a range of smart paddles, badminton racquets and tennis rackets.