Senz Automatic

Firstly, I found the Senz Automatic to work exactly as I thought it would, with the one button opening mechanism working perfectly, with no problems at all. Despite mine working perfectly, there are a few reviews I had seen stating that sometimes when the umbrella is opened it would turn inside out, regardless of wind. So I decided to put that to the test, and opened and closed it many, many times, and not once did it turn inside out.

ShedRain e-Motion Umbrella

Here at GadgetHead we love a world’s first, so we had to get our hands-on e-Motion Umbrella from ShedRain the world's first fully-motorised, rechargeable compact umbrella. Many of you might be wondering if it is really that difficult to open and close an umbrella that we need a motorised version in the world - well yes - if nothing more than to avoid nipping your cold fingertips in the mechanism, my personal pet hate, it is great for people with manoeuvrability issues, situations when your hands are of full of shopping, young children or times when you jus