We love all gadgets here at GadgetHead but toys have a special place in our hearts. Ollie’s reputation has proceeded it and we have been itching to get our hands on one for a while, we definitely weren’t disappointed. Excuse me while I refer to Ollie throughout the review as if it’s a living thing but it is easy enough to imagine as this little rascal has a lot of personality. Ollie comes with a companion app to control him, download the app, charge him up and he is ready to go.


Sphero 2.0

Sphero 2.0 comes to us from the same people that created Ollie and we fell head over heels in love with him so we were excited to get our grubby paws on the original product. Sphero 2.0 is a tough polycarbonate ball that is propelled by an electric motor and controlled via Bluetooth from an app on your smartphone or tablet, it has an inbuilt LED light for playing in low light and can travel up to speeds of 4.5mph.

Sphero R2-D2

YES! The Christmas toys are coming in, and as much fun as playing with all the gadgets in the office is, there is nothing better than getting to play with toys in the name of work. R2-D2 from Sphero is exactly the sort of thing that would have been at the top of my Christmas list when I was younger (who am I kidding it’s on there now).