Seeland Scout Fleece

Seeland is a company based in Denmark that creates clothing, footwear, and equipment for hunting that has been designed by professional hunters. The Seeland Scout Fleece is a thick and warm fleece featuring YKK zip closure and pockets ideal for keeping you warm whilst you’re out in the elements either hunting or fishing. The Scout fleece jacket is made from thick, soft fibres that allow for retention of body heat and provide you with good insulation allowing you to feel comfortable, even on the worst of days.

Härkila Vindeln Fleece Jacket

The name Härkila originated from the 17th century, from a family farmhouse in the county of Västra Götaland on the west coast of Sweden. It translates from the Nordic tongue into “The field of great bulls”, in reference to the many giant moose that lived in the area. Moving from hunting to award-winning dog breeding, the family began to create hunting gear by establishing a sewing workshop and making protective clothing for all weathers.