Richa Motorcycle Clothing Range

I been riding motorbikes for as long as I can remember, and the weather must be pretty awful for me to opt for my car instead. Throughout these years of riding, I have concluded that you should always wear the best gear you can afford, as you generally get what you pay for with motorbike clothing. My current choice of clothing has boiled down to an armoured Gortex 2-piece suit and heavy adventure motorbike boots. Whilst this combination gives great protection it isn’t the most comfortable of clothing when you get off.

London Tradition Martina Long Coat

I have always loved a big chunky winter coat and when I got the chance to write a review for London Tradition, I jumped at it. 

Since the 19th century, London Tradition has been a centre of garment manufacturing, however there are very few companies like them left.  They are deeply proud to represent the best in modern British manufacturing.

Dainese AWA M1

If you are looking for a serious upgrade this ski season (and have a good chunk of cash burning a whole in your pocket) the AWA M1 from Dainese could be just what you are looking for. Available in four designs, Black-Iris, Gun-Metal, Lemon-Chrome and Stretch-Limo it comes in sizes XS-XL. What makes the M1 special is the layering system that is made up of a three-layer waterproof breathable outer shell and an insulating, packable inner jacket.

Proviz Switch Jacket Yellow/Reflective

It is so important to keep active during the winter no matter how tempting it is to simply curl up under the duvet and hibernate the entire season away, it is doubly important to ensure when you do go out in the dark mornings and evenings that you can be clearly seen, especially when cycling on the roads.

Ariat Momento H20 Jacket

Ariat was founded in 1993 by Beth Cross and Pam Parker, beginning with designing riding boots using the latest technology for riders. From there, they have become the USA’s English and Western performance footwear brand, as well as creating a whole host of technical clothing lines. The Ariat Momento H20 Jacket has been created to keep you warm and dry whilst doing what you love best and keeping you looking stylish at the same time.

66 Degrees North Kaldbakur

Don’t let bad weather stop you again!!! With the Kaldbakur jacket from 66 Degrees North, it was love at first sight, a rare experience for me that usually only happens around cake. The majority of my wardrobe is black, it’s a great colour, it goes with everything and matches my soul so it was great to see a coat available in Black, it is also available in Storm Blue for better visibility, not a hint of pink or purple in sight, yes!