Sensoria Smart Socks

Sensoria Smart Socks 

We know what you might be thinking. “Smart socks?! What will they try next?” It could sound like a step too far, but actually, this product is a step in the right direction when it comes to sports and health monitoring. After all, why monitor your steps from your wrist when you could do so much more accurately from your feet? 

Happy Socks Beatles Collector Box Set

When I was at school, we had a strict dress code of black everything with a white shirt - they even specified how high the heels could be, the colour of our hair, our jewellery, make up, etc. There was only one area they forgot to put in the handbook: our socks! So, we rebelled in the only way we could with colourful and funky socks and since then I have refused to let a plain sock ever repress my foot!

Sidas Ultra Thin Socks

As mentioned earlier in this focus this was my first time Snowboarding and I had no preconceptions about any of the products I would be testing however I was thinking have I made a mistake when pulling the Sidas Ultra Think Socks out of my suitcase while looking at what everybody else had packed, it felt like a PE Lesson at school and inferiority struck again over the lack of sock girth!

Teko Marathon Super-Cushioned Running Socks and Winter Socks

Teko are one of the few companies in the world to get a 9/9 maximum eco-rating from GreenroomVoice, an independent body that audits the world's brands for their environmental credentials through materials sourcing and supply chain, energy policy and recycling in their office. It appears that Teko care about your feet as much as they care about the environment, the Teko Marathon Running Socks are made from a soft Polyamide with a full cushion covering the sole of the foot.