Under Armour HOVR Infinite Running Shoes

Surely it makes sense that the tech we use to track our runs should be on our feet, not strapped to our arms, so it was only a matter of time before this tech made its way into our running shoes. The Under Amour HOVR Infinite Running Shoes come with a sensor imbedded into the shoe that digitally connects your feet to your phone. Fear not - this doesn’t have an impact on the weight or comfort of the shoe. It can be synced after your run, letting you take to the streets whilst leaving your phone at home (try it, you will feel liberated).

ON Running Weather Shirt

This year we have had an unbelievably long and hot summer, thanks global warming (just kidding, we all know it’s not real and made up by celebrities to sell more movies) but sooner or later all good things come to an end and its time to bring the winter clothes out of retirement. There is nothing quite like good old-fashioned exercise to help fend off the winter blues and with items like the Weather Shirt from ON Running you can ensure you look cool whilst you keep warm.

ON Running Tank-T

As part of the ON Runnings new and expanding line of work out apparel, the Tank-T is their only current work out vest, it comes in three colours Coral/Navy, Denim/White and Grey/White in sizes XS-XL, it is also available in a men’s Malibu/Navy and Navy/Black in sizes S-XXL, we will be looking at the Women’s Coral/Navy in Medium at closer detail. First impressions - the Tank-T is extremely light, if you had your eyes closed you could be forgiven for thinking you had nothing on, it is just 54g, I have G-strings heavier than that (that’s a lie but my husband

ON Running Cloud X

The Cloud X from ON Running are the world’s lightest fully-cushioned shoe for Running Remixed, after a little research we still aren’t sure what Running Remixed is, but believe it has something to do with the training that surrounds the running, with mixed workouts…or something. The Cloud X is available in men's and women’s designs both with seven different colours to choose from (sadly most of the girls feature the typical “girly” colours, pastels, pink and purple…yawn), and they come in full and half sizes.

On Running Cloud Waterproof

As we move into autumn it is easy to rack up the excuses as to why going for that run is a bad idea, dark, cold and worst of all - wet, there’s nothing quite like the prospect of soggy socks to really put you off pulling on those trainers. Luckily, On Running is here to help force those feet out of the door with the On Running Cloud Waterproof running shoe.

Women's Under Armour Vanish Tank

It has been a very hot summer so far for training and with only a handful of tanks in my collection, I was pleased to see the UA Vanish Tank arrive.

Available in Black, White, Red and Orange, I received the Orange version which, although orange isn’t necessarily the best colour with my pasty skin-tone (English rose is a more romantic term), the bright colour will help you be seen which is especially important for road running.

Under Armour Men’s SpeedForm AMP 3.0 Training Shoes

One of my least favourite things is to go shoe shopping (in fact, make that any kind of shopping) when the old reliable trainers have to be retired due to falling apart with every step, or the smell has just become too overpowering. You pop into your favourite sports store only to be faced with an intimidating wall of shoes, which, more or less, all look the same.

Under Armour Men's Cage Shorts

First off, I will be basing my entire knowledge of MMA on my HIIT instructor: he puts us through the class like he actually hates us, so I can only assume it attracts tough nuts and lunatics. The Cage Shorts from Under Armour have been created specifically with MMA in mind and have tried to create a tough, light and stretchy fit to let you freely move around.