WeeRide Safe Front Deluxe Baby Bike Seat

This baby seat aims to provide a safe and balanced ride for both adult and child, with a centre mounted seat to help distribute the weight evenly and put the child between your arm, where you can easily talk and keep an eye on them, unlike rear mounted seats. The new design has higher sides for increased child-stability, an added strap underneath the bar for further stability, a two-movement thumbscrew, a two-movement buckle release, additional straps on the foot cups, and also features an increased seat size.

WeeRide Childrens Cycle Seat Deluxe

Our first impression of the WeeRide is that is a wonderfully innovative idea, turning the traditional childrens cycle seat on its head. The WeeRide put your child at the front of the bike keeping the weight more evenly distributed over the centre, allowing your child to see more of the world as you ride and allowing you to see your child at all times.