Rapha Pro Team Aero Jersey

The Aero Jersey from the ‘Pro Team collection’ has some bold new branding that riders will either love or hate - a bold, raised rubber Rapha takes up the entire length of the left arm, there are six stripes on the back right pocket, and a smaller Rapha and stripes either side of the zip at the hem. If you don’t fancy flashing the branding about, you can order the Aero in Black, but the two other coloured options - Grey Blue and Dark Green - are very attractive.

Dakine Drafter 10L

The Drafter 10L from Dakine is a hydration backpack created to meet the demanding requirements of mountain biking and tries to ensure your water supply is protected and accessible in a compact, breathable package. The Drafter comes in capacities of 18L, 14L and 10L all featuring a 3L (100oz) Hydrapak lumbar reservoir, it also comes in four different designs Blue Rock, Stacked, Field Camo and Black - we received the 10L in Black.

Rapha Pro Team Lightweight Gilet

When you need a little protection in the unpredictable weather, but don’t want to be bogged down with bulky gear that you might want to remove after your initial warm up, the packable wind gilet from Rapha’s Pro Team range is could be exactly what you need. Available in four colours, Black, Grey Blue, Bright Orange and Hi-Vis Pink, this ultra-lightweight Gilet is a thin but tough outer layer that can be used all year round, during warm ups, cool downs, early starts and moving into cooler evenings as soon as the sun drops.

Spurcycle Tool

When everything runs smoothly, a trip out on the bike can be one of the most enjoyable things out there. But, you only need one wobbly nut to quickly make things take a turn for the worse (just to clarify that’s the metal kind of ‘nut’, however either variety could result in discomfort.) To ensure you are always ready for any eventuality, both at home and on the move, Spurcyle has got you covered.


The SmartHalo is essentially a cycling companion with a minimalist interface that can help, navigate, protect, encourage, assist and light your way when you are out on your bike. With a clean design and a light-up halo indication, it is simple and attractive to use.  

Spurcycle Multi Pouch

The Multi Pouch from Spurcycle is hand made in the USA by Fog City in San Francisco, California. The idea behind this simple little bag is to help you get out the door and onto the bike with a short a transition time. If you are anything like me I have a routine of running back in the house I minimum of two times because I have forgotten something, whether it is tools, cash or first aid there is always something which I think is slowly driving my partner insane.

Elite Workstand Race Pro

When you have spent hundreds or even thousands of pounds on your bike, you will want to keep it in the best of nick: taking time to clean and maintain your bike will become as important to you as getting out on the road or trail. When I was a kid and I needed to work on my bike, I would flip it upside down and rest it on the handle bars and saddle, an action that would make many serious cyclists turn green just at the thought of it. The Elite Race Pro Work Stand is the stand of choice for pro teams like Europcar and Katusha.