Stay in the saddle this winter: E-bike safety tips

London, 06 November 2020 – In the past six months e-bikes sales have boomed. The restrictions have seen many people turn to electric bikes as an alternative way to travel to work or move around town as safely as possible. Now, many have discovered the joy and flexibility e-bikes bring and plan to carry on using them in the autumn and winter as restrictions come back into play. 

INDIK8A Hand Indicators

A very clever safety product that is well worth considering if you are a keen cycling enthusiast. Especially as the evenings become shorter and it becomes more risky to be on the roads for a cyclist. It offers super bright LED’s, great visiblity for both day and night. It also vibrates whilst indicating.

It is chargeable anywhere on the go with a double USB that charges both Indik8as at the same time.

Blackburn Wayside Backpack and Pannier

Bikes are great; they are better for the environment, a good source of exercise as well as easier and cheaper to find a place to park than a car, the downside is they do not come with a boot to store all your shopping in. The Wayside Backpack and Pannier from Blackburn has been designed to be suitable for carrying your gear both on and off the bike. It isn’t the lightest of things, at 929g when empty, but chances are you aren’t going to be racing in the Tour de France with all your shopping in tow.

Specialized Torch 3.0

Specialized was created in 1974 by a cyclist for cyclists and produces everything from pedal-powered bikes to electric bikes and a wide range of accessories from the helmets on your head  down to socks on your feet. The Torch 3.0 are specialist road shoes with the main goal being to produce a high end shoe full of features at a price that was reasonable. Well the price is probably going to still put a few people off, but these are definitely a top of the range shoe.

Magura MT7 Pro

A German company, Magura applies to bikes and motorbikes what Germany is famous for when it comes to cars; highly efficient and technical design and engineering. Founded by Gustav Magenwirth in 1893 (where it got its name ‘Gavin Magenwirth GmbH & Co.’, aka Magura), the company creates and distributes highly competitive, advanced-level cycling related products from brakes and suspension systems to helmets, bags, and even sunglasses and clothing.

Knog PWR Mountain Bike Light

Mountain biking is risky enough as it is but throw in poor light conditions and it’s downright dangerous. The PWR Mountain is a modular bike light designed for the rough and tumble of trail and mountain biking with a few added extra features thrown in. This powerful bike light provides up to 2000 lumens of light output, it can be removed from the bike and doubles as a camping light and also becomes a 10000mAh power bank to charge up your devices.