If you are going to straddle a rocket and hurtle along the tarmac, it’s probably a sensible idea to wear some protection, and yes, I mean more than a helmet and imitation leather jacket. Forcefield Body Armour are specialists in impact protection and high-performance clothing systems, so it’s a good place to start.

The Ex-K Harness Adventure is a complete CE Level 2 upper body protection system, carefully designed with the most extreme actions in mind. It is made and reinforced with Kevlar thread for added strength and durability - this tough but lightweight fibre is perfect for this type of clothing due its cut-resistant properties. This harness features an open design system with multiple adjustment points that helps to provide optimum flexibility and comfort, allowing for a full range of movements and ensuring you have protection where you need it whilst also providing plenty of free space for breathability and a natural feel.

There is a central front zip that allows you to quickly and easily slip in and out of the harness. Once on, the harness will securely remain in place throughout your ride. The Ex-K has a neck brace location point and class leading CE Level 2 back, chest, shoulder and elbow armour that completes this upper body protection system. The harness uses the Nitrex Evo material for its high energy absorbing properties, it is also lovely and soft against your body and provides the flexibility and daylong comfort for your best performance on the bike. The 3D texture moulds to your body’s shape when activated by the heat it receives from your skin. Not only does this help to keep it secure and close to the body but also offers Repeat Performance Technology for consistent protection time and time again, even after multiple impacts.

The Ex-K Harness Adventure will work as hard as you do, ensuring your upper body is protected so you can focus on the ride, safe in the knowledge that Forcefield has got your back (chest, shoulders and elbows). RRP $445.00

5 out of 5

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Heat activated body moulding

Neck brace compatible

Reinforced with Kevlar thread

Vented for breathability

RPT (Repeat Performance Technology)

Fully adjustable

3D moulding

Soft, flexible and comfortable


Open design system