TCX are renowned in motorcycling circles for producing great value, high-quality products. I was delighted to be tasked with testing the TCX Baja mid adventure boot: these boots are designed to give motorcyclists maximum protection whilst riding, and yet to be extremely comfortable when walking.

The TCX Baja Boots we were sent were a vintage-look brown leather, which had a lovely feel to it and looked superb. They were incredibly comfortable from the off, and the 100% full grain leather will only get softer and more comfortable with time. These boots have a waterproof membrane keeping them nice and dry inside, and there is an elasticated top with Velcro fastening to keep water and grime out. The buckles are aluminium and give a good reassuring ‘click’ when locked in. 

The protection feels secure, with a reinforced toe box, ankle and sole support. There is also a reflective strip on the back of the boots, so as to be seen when riding at night. The sole is nice and tacky, with a large step between the heel and sole so they fit well onto your pegs.

When I was at the Birmingham bike show at the tail end of 2018, I spent a bit of time looking around the boot stalls and it was very apparent that are a huge range of styles and manufacturers to choose from. However, after trying them, the TCX brand would be at the top of my list for style, quality and cost. RRP £259.99

Current Cheapest Price

4.5 out of 5




Good looking


Doesn’t give full shin protection (so go for the Baja full boot)