Pool toys from Zoggs - Zoggy Dive Rings and Fun Swim Ring 60cm 
Did someone say pool party!? The temperatures here have been baking, and one of the review team at The Gadget Head has recently invested in a pool, so when we received these toys from Zoggs, it was an excuse for us all to head over! Technically, these toys are probably intended primarily for kids (especially the dive rings!) but both are still objects that everyone can enjoy, and that’s all the justification we needed. 

 Zoggs Zoggy Dive Rings 
Excellent for youngsters learning to swim underwater, these Zoggy Dive Rings are colourful, fun-looking rings that will stand on the floor of your pool for people to dive down and collect. Super light, these rings stand upright and are an easy, safe target to grab and bring to the surface. Whimsically, they are designed like seals wearing goggles and shirts for swimming, with one in green, one in blue and one in orange, to allow you to set up races, contests or other games that require telling them apart. 
A pack comes with three Zoggy Dive Rings. Simply throw them into the water, and they’ll land on their feet. They fill with water on the way down, which is what keeps them anchored. These are designed to be kid-safe, kid friendly and to encourage confidence in underwater swimming, but there’s no reason adults can’t use them to if you want! 
Fun design 
Sink to the bottom and stand themselves 
Safe to use 
Different colours to enable games 
None – we can’t fault them! 
Fun Swim Ring 60cm 
£6 The Swim Ring, inflated, viewed from above. Lime Green and blue with some text and cartoon swimmers on it
Fairly straight-forward, the 60cm Swim Ring is just that - a two-foot-wide inflatable ring for the pool. The size of this ring makes it perfect for kids to wear at chest-height, giving them easy flotation as they learn to swim and build up confidence in the water. 
This ring isn’t the best at retaining its inflation – you will need to top it up a little if you use it for a long period of time, and it will definitely deflate a little if left overnight, but such is the case with most inflatables. For its low price, it’s fantastic, and a fun addition to pool-time sure to make a splash. 

Our Swim Ring arrived in lime green with blue detail, but it is also available in other colours such as red, blue and pink.
Helps kids learn to swim 
Safe and well-made 
No sharp edges 
Loses air a little over time