SodaStream ART

SodaStream ART


Do you love sparkling water? Then the SodaStream ART is perfect for you. The new premium sparkling water maker allows you to create sparkling water exactly as you like it. With the large side lever, you just pull it down to give your desired carbonisation for all your sparkling drink needs.

Soda Stream Spirit (Previously Fizzi)

Thanks to the amazing David Attenborough and the creators of Blue Planet 2, our society seems to have really begun to take note of the issue of plastic waste in our environment, there are small changes we can all make every day to reduce our personal waste without abstaining from our favourite things. The Spirit is the latest addition to the SodaStream range of soda makers, which provides you with the power to turn tap water into sparking drinks in seconds, allowing you to add flavours in your own home and enjoy fizzy drinks without having to purchase pre-

Sodastream Spirit One Touch

Sodas are great: they are a staple at any children’s party, they make amazing cocktails and are super refreshing in the summer time. The downside, however (there is always a downside), is they are often full of sugar, which just isn’t good for us no matter how much we love it and the endless amounts of plastic bottles that will have David Attenborough personally coming to your house to punch you in the face.