Urbanista Stockholm

The Stockholm earphones from Urbanista are, as is so often the case with Urbanista products, rather beautiful.They come in four different colours: Black, White, Rose Gold and our favourite, Olive Green, with a charging case in the same colour as well as a micro-USB charging cable and instructions manual, all packed into an attractive box that would make a great gift.

Urbanista Milan

If you always like to have your music close to hand (or close to ear), the Milan from Urbanista could be your ideal earbuds, with a wearable neck back it means you can enjoy the freedom of wireless music without the risk of losing your earbuds when you take them out for one of those unfortunately necessary human interactions that social media and self-service checkouts have yet to eliminate.

Urbanista Tokyo

When I first started running, I was a very minimalist runner. With a pair of beaten up running shoes, cotton t-shirt and (shock horror!) cargo trousers, I would happily hit the streets. As the years have passed, I’ve built up a collection of technical clothing (underwear included), shades, gadgets, apps, etc, until I realised I had begun to look like I was leaving the house for combat rather than a quick run around the block.

Urbanista Seattle Wireless Headphones

These wonderfully tactile headphones are comprised of premium protein leather and a durable complimentary fabric cord, memory foam headphone-cushions with isolating memory foam that moulds to the shape of your ears and create a good seal. They are 172g, nice and light for long periods of wear, whilst having a clean minimalist look with only one physical button for switching it on and connecting. They are available in Rose Gold, Fluffy Cloud (white), Blue Petroleum and Dark Clown (dark grey/black).