TyrePal TC215/B Monitor with Two External Sensors

When I was a kid my family and I used to go on these holidays in this wreck of a 1970’s caravan, we had this dodgy black and white TV that never had any signal and a radio that would only work if you hung a teaspoon off the aerial. The chemical toilet was only for number ones during the night so I have memories of running across to the toilet block in the dark with a loo roll shoved up my jumper to protect it from the rain.

TyrePal Solar Colour with Four Sensors

When it comes to our cars we are often guilty of forgetting regular maintenance until the car reminds us, filling up the windscreen washer or checking your tyre pressure, the first time you realise the washer is out is when it doesn’t spray your screen, whereas the first time you realise your tyre pressure is low could be when you suffer a blowout.