Point Two ProAir2/MC Lite

Whether you are out on a motorbike or a horse, chances are that if you come off it, even at low speeds, you are going to do yourself some real damage. So, no, safety clothing isn’t a very cool look - I mean, you never see cowboys or Hell’s Angels dressed head to toe in PPE, but it’s so important to dress appropriately when riding, and when that clothing could potentially save your life, style is not important.

Geko Smart Whistle

The Geko Whistle is the world’s first Smart Whistle. It comes with GPS tracking and Bluetooth technology, and it can be used to alert your loved ones instantly in an emergency. It works alongside the WISO app, which needs to be downloaded onto your smartphone and paired with your Whistle. You then need to select your emergency contacts on the app - these are the people that will be notified when you need assistance, so choose wisely.

Geko PanicSafe

With both my partner and I learning to drive later in life, we are familiar with that horrible feeling of seeing someone you adore drive off…after stalling twice and putting window wipers on…and the shear panic of wondering whether they will make it to their destination in one piece. I only wish I had the Geko PanicSafe then. This clever little device is a combination of GPS tracking, a built-in G-sensor and Bluetooth technology that helps you keep in contact with loved ones by instantly alerting you when they or their car is in need.