Weber Pulse 1000 and 2000 Series Rotisserie

This Winter we wanted to try something different and have an outdoor Christmas Dinner, so last week we trialled the Weber Pulse 1000 and 2000 Series Rotisserie on our Weber Pulse 1000 Barbecue.

As we have 10 guests coming to share dinner on Christmas day I didn’t want to leave it until the big day and hope everything went smoothly, if it didn’t, there would be 12 guests fighting over a tin of baked beans! 

Weber Pulse 2000 Grill with Cart

Yes! it is BBQ season, time to burn both your dinner and your skin whilst getting steadily more drunk in your back garden, pure bliss. The Pulse 2000 Grill from Weber takes some of the stress out of dining alfresco by using electric to grill without the hassle of lighting the flames, choking your friends and family with smoke for 15mins before trying to accurate place your food over the hot parts of the charcoal.

Flame Stower

More and more of our creature comforts depend on being charged (sometimes on a daily basis) and as a result a wide range of outdoor chargers have hit the market using various techniques and giving you high hopes for your next camping/hiking trip. We have previously tested out the BIOLITE and have been somewhat spoilt with that as it worked very well, other products we have tested have fallen between working ok to not working at all.

Tool Box BBQ

When you thought the combination of meat and fire couldn’t get any more masculine, SuckUK have upped the game by creating a BBQ ‘tool box’ that brings tools and fire together at last. The only way this tool box could be more blokey is if it was powered by lager and talked about last night’s big game whilst you cooked.

The Big Green Egg Minimax

It’s that time of year again - BBQ season is fully upon us. Why would you bother cooking your sausages under the grill when you can take four hours to burn them to cinders on an BBQ whilst chocking on plumes of smoke and trying to keep the wasps out of your beer? Like most summer activities, the idea of a BBQ is often much better in theory than in practice, but that doesn’t stop us from having one every summer.