Withings Thermo smart temporal thermometer

Fast and contact-less measurements make Thermo an incredible tool, a hands down winner. Very easy to setup with Thermo App, a step by step wizard guides you all the way to setting up all family members or users.
Thermo app allows comments, medicine log and pictures for every reading. It will have you reading temperature all days just because it's easy and fun.

Oblumi Tapp

The Oblumi Tapp is a digital infrared thermometer with a range of capabilities that works alongside the Oblumi Tapp App. This small thermometer works with your smartphone by connecting through your headphone jack. Using the Tapp only takes a few seconds - you can choose between placing the thermometer on the forehead or removing the silicone cap and placing it just inside the ear, and it comes with a protective hard case and a couple of anti-bacterial wipes to get you started.

Groegg 2

My friends have recently become parents for the first time, and among the myriad of new things they both now worry about, whether their baby is too hot or too cold is one of the biggies. A safe sleeping environment can be vital for reducing the risk of cot death (SIDS) and it is currently recommended for the nursery temperature to be maintained between 16–20°C. The Groegg 2 is a wonderful idea that allows parents a quick visual of the nursery temperature with a unique colour-changing room thermometer that doubles up as a nightlight.