Fat shark scout

Fat Shark is the undisputed leader in FPV goggles and headsets. Their top of the line HDO goggles are brilliant. It is a top-end box style FPV headset that has some excellent features. I feel Fat Shark has paid attention to detail and these goggles are extremely well done. The feel fat shark scout is well built but aren’t overly heavy. The Scout weighs 350 grams including the rechargeable battery.


From surveillance right down to stocking fillers, everyone’s using drones! The Tello combines functionality and useful features with pure showmanship in an attempt to make the ultimate drone that’s both tool and toy. Trick stunts, VR capabilities and lessons in coding, the Tello offers an awful lot in a very small package.


Zoopa Q900 Phoenix

The Drone craze has been and gone, and there is no fear of receiving one of those cheap and impossible to control little buzzy bots in our stockings this year, what has been left is a variety of decent drones for the people might have the dedication to take the drone out more than once and learn how to control it properly. If you are looking to try your hand at aerial video and photography but still can’t bring yourself to stump up the cash for a top of the range model that you might instantly lose on its maiden flight, then the Zoopa Q900 Phoenix might be

SKEYE Mini Drone

All good things come in small packages and this mini drone is no exception, don’t let the size deceive you either. We have tried out mini drones before which are about as easy to control as a herd of kittens but this little thing is surprisingly user friendly, it is on the higher end of the market for these size drones but you are getting something that after a little practice that you can actually fly competently.

Revell Control XS Nano Quad Micro Quadrocopter

The Revell Control XS Nano Quad Micro Quadrocopter is the smallest and lightest quad we have tested out measuring less than 4.5 cm (1.75 inches) in length and weighing just 11.5 grams (0.4 ounces). It is designed for indoor use but like most micro quads can be used outside in dry conditions with no wind (it will get blown away) and has built-in bright LED lights to make it easy to spot, as it is so tiny you don’t need to fly it too high before it can become difficult to see, the lights help with this but in bright daylight it can still turn invisible so we

Fatshark Dominator V3 Goggles

If you haven’t tried FPV (First Person View) flying you are missing out, with a compatible drone, quad or helicopter you can feel like you are flying through the skies. At first look I love the white and blue combination they look pretty funky, the most noticeable difference from the version 2 is that the eye cups (like on a pair of swimming goggles) have gone, in their place we have a choice of two foam padded eye seals (similar to a pair of ski goggles), pick your favourite and stick it on, on my model you had to stick with this first choice but this has

Revell Steady Quad Cam

This mini quad is ultra-cute at 110mm x 95mm x 35mm it is small enough to zip about the house and as these little quads go this one is nicely put together. All too often these little machines are cheaply made with nasty flimsy plastic but this quad feels stronger than your average quad. I love it’s look with a nice blue under carriage and front propellers and some cheeky racing stripes on top, it’s the kind of quality I have come to expect from Revell.