HAIX Protector Light 2.0

HAIX Protector Light 2.0

RRP: £179.90

HAIX provide a wide range of sturdy work boots for any occasion, including shoes that specify their suitability climbing, trekking or even tree surgery. In the HAIC Protector Light, the company brought us a secure all-rounder of a boot, suitable as a work boot or walking shoe, but in the HAIX Protector Light 2.0, the company has taken this design up a notch, for only a £10 rise in RRP.

The Foam RollerConnect and the KettlebellConnect by JAXJOX

RRP Foam RollerConnect - £69/KettlebellConnect - £229

Website: jaxjox.co.uk


Introducing the Foam RollerConnect and the KettlebellConnect from JAXJOX. JAXJOX is a health and fitness company looking to fill the gaps between traditional workouts and the 21st century. Combining equipment found in the gym and smart technology, its products can hone your workout to your needs, optimising your fitness regime all in the space of your home!