Sleepytroll Baby Rocker

Sleepytroll Baby Rocker


As any parent will know, there is nothing more exhausting than having to spend hours rocking the pram to keep the little tigers asleep, and trying to sustain that quiet bliss for just a little bit longer…  Thankfully, Sleepytroll has heard your pleas to the sound of deprived sleep and aching arms, providing the perfect solution with the Sleepytroll Baby Rocker.

Greentom Classic

As we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum, more and more companies are trying to do their part. Greentom are the creators of the first ever green stroller. The Greentom Classic has a frame that has been made from recycled polypropylene and the seat is made of recycled PET bottles, making it the first 100% green buggy.

phil&teds Smart Lux

Being a fairly young company phil&teds (not to be confused with Bill and Ted) have managed to achieve a lot in a short space of time, they pride themselves on being slightly wacky inventors who put the parent first when it comes to their products. So having said that we were pretty excited about getting our hands on their Smart Lux Pushchair to see what it had to offer, a sound proof hood perhaps or nappy changing robots? Sadly not but what we were supplied with didn’t disappoint.

Silver Cross Surf 2

The beautiful Silver Cross Surf 2 has all the high quality trademarks we have come to expect from a Silver Cross product. To start with it was easy to put together, taking us less than 15 minutes (I say us but it was more like me and a spectator), the chassis is made from a strong but extraordinarily light magnesium alloy and the hood and apron are available in 5 bold colours or a more reserved black or grey.

Silver Cross Surf 3

The award-winning Silver Cross Surf is back with its latest version, the Surf 3, available in six fabric colours and two chassis colours.

The Surf 3 pram comes with a large spare wheel so you can convert the pram from an urban four-wheel travel system into a three-wheel off-road pram using a quick release system that makes it easy to change between the two modes.