Urban Kanga Portable Safety Car Seat

As many of you will already know a tiny new human will result in an entire house worth of new products to help them to stay alive, one of those essential space invaders is the car seat, it will basically live in your car for years providing you with the perfect excuse to avoid being the designated driver. This all goes to pot however when your child needs to travel in a different car, carpooling, taxis, babysitters and travelling on holiday all seems like a good idea until you realise, they don’t supply car seats.

Silver Cross Simplicity Car Seat

The prospect of fitting a car seat can be a task that strikes fear into new parent’s hearts but with a Simplicity Car Seat, as the name would suggest, it’s simple. Silver Cross have designed this car seat to be used with the ISOFIX Simplifix base (RRP £120) as well as being compatible with all the combination prams (the Pioneer included) however it can also be safely attached with the seatbelt, with bright blue guides to show you where it needs to go.

Silver Cross Quantum

The group 1 Quantum car seat is the latest product to come from this award winning company, this limited edition seat has employed state of the art technology to ensure your baby is protected during any collision.  The SA-ATS, that’s shock absorber automatic tensioning system to you and me, works in two ways, first the hydraulics kick in to reduce impact and secondly the mechanical tilting system applies harness tension and retains the child in position - their testing shows this can reduce impact by up to 30%.

Britax Römer Dualfix Car Seat

The Britax Römer Dualfix Car Seat allows 360-degree rotation that means parents can choose when to switch their child from rearward to forward facing, plus it has a load of safety features ensure a safe journey from newborn up to four years (Group 0+/1 birth - 18 kg). It is available in six designs Black Marble, Cosmos Black, Flame Red, Storm Grey, Ocean Blue, and Mineral Purple. The red, blue, and purple are particularly attractive.