simplehuman 58 litre Dual Compartment Recycler

With David Attenborough doing his utmost to break our hearts with every fresh documentary, there has been a dramatic rise in plastic recycling, they have even named it the Attenborough Effect, people are more aware than ever about what they put in their bins. We have a small box to put the recycling in and a large bin for general waste however I now seem to be emptying the recycling every other day, so it is time for an upgrade.

Simplehuman Dual 58L Voice and Motion Control

Sometimes we have an appliance in our midst for so long that we can no longer see the potential for change; we just accept its flaws as part of life, mostly because these things don’t really have a huge negative impact on our lives, they are just kind of annoying. However, new technology can iron out these imperfections, like how car keys have evolved from physical keys into remote sensors and how we can now pay for things with just a tap of a card.