LatteSelect Fully Automatic Coffee Machine 

LatteSelect Fully Automatic Coffee Machine 
We always love a product from Melitta, and the LatteSelect is a classic example of why! Don't be led astray by the name – this coffee machine can actually produce twelve different coffee recipes, not just lattes! (Though, that said, lattes are my favourite, so the one I tested was producing plenty of those) 

JR Ultra 8000 S3 

JR Ultra 8000 S3 
RRP £494.99 
With spring finally heating up and summer feeling just around the corner, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect time to test the JR (Juicy Retreats) Ultra 8000 S3 juicer.  In the winter, I’m terrible at remembering to be healthy, but as soon as the sun comes out, I want fruit juice, healthy smoothie blends and to get outside! The JR Ultra 8000 S3 can help me with two of those – the third one is still up to me and my lazy bones. 

Cuisinart Precision Stand Mixer

Recently we moved to a beautiful house in the countryside and with this move we wanted to embrace a slightly more grown up, homely lifestyle, so when I invited my friends over I decided to provide some homemade cookies and banish my long-standing reputation of being a hopeless baker. I had total faith in my new Cuisinart Precision Stand Mixer and even found a recipe in the booklet provided: white chocolate and cranberry cookies. I decided if I followed it word for word, I couldn’t go wrong.

Victorinox Swiss 6-Piece Modern Cutlery Block

Victorinox are well known for making Swiss army knives so it makes absolute sense they should know what they are doing when it comes to making knives on a slightly larger scale. The 6-Piece Modern Cutlery Block certainly wouldn’t fit in your camping pack at 165 x 90 x 320mm but will look much more at home on your kitchen counter. The block itself has a nice weight to it at 1965g and feels very sturdy as you remove the knives, it is constructed from a durable beechwood that has been coated in anthracite lacquer.

Joseph Joseph Folding TriScale

I follow a flexible but healthy diet (if you ignore the chocolate and takeaways), but often turn to the scales numerous times a day. I weigh the honey I put on my yogurt at breakfast, weigh my veg to make sure I get the proper portion size for my 5-a-day, and we cook most evening meals from scratch, which involves weighing out lots of ingredients.

Salter Cactus Digital Kitchen Scale

I didn’t realise quite the importance of kitchen scales were until a friend and I tried to make cookies without a set, how hard can it be right? Well the results were in fact incredibly hard, these cookies could cut glass, so to prevent emergency dentist trips its it best to invest in some reliable scales. Salter have been the UK’s number one brand for a long time when it comes to weighing scales, with just shy of 260 years’ experience you know you will be in safe hands with a set of their scales.

Melissa and Doug Chef's Kitchen – Charcoal

Children love playing with kitchen sets, I mean they are interesting, its were food lives and they haven’t had the years of tedious washing up and chores to make them resent every second spent in one. Melissa and Doug Chef’s Kitchen in Charcoal is a beautifully designed modern play kitchen to spark the minds of young budding chefs (or future kitchen porters, that’s where Chef Ramsey started).