JR Ultra 8000 S3 

JR Ultra 8000 S3 
RRP £494.99 
With spring finally heating up and summer feeling just around the corner, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect time to test the JR (Juicy Retreats) Ultra 8000 S3 juicer.  In the winter, I’m terrible at remembering to be healthy, but as soon as the sun comes out, I want fruit juice, healthy smoothie blends and to get outside! The JR Ultra 8000 S3 can help me with two of those – the third one is still up to me and my lazy bones. 

Novis Vita Juicer- The Vitamin Twister

The Novis Vita Juicer is a Swiss Engineered Juicer and citrus press that claims to be able to get 20% more nutrients than conventional juicers. On first look this machine can come across a bit of an intimidating monster, where the heck is that going to live? Was my partners first response, but for everything this machine can do it is actually pretty compact, if feels reassuringly solid too like you could juice a brick in there if you wanted to. It is available in 8 colours but being Swiss a bold red has a lovely appeal (ha peal!).