Ariat Coniston Pro GTX Insulated

The Coniston Pro GTX Insulated is riding boot that is as beautiful as it is practical. Sold as versatile enough for all year round wear, it is fashionable, functional, and comfortable. The Coniston features Ariat’s ATS Pro technology, to help keep your feet comfortable whilst working on them all day and helping to reduce foot fatigue whether you are on the horse or cleaning the yard.

AYO Light Therapy Glasses

The idea of wearing a pair of glasses that shine light into your eyes might not immediately sound like the most comfortable experience, but trust me when I say that this is a good idea. The AYO uses a similar principle to light therapy boxes, but comes built into a wearable set of glasses. AYO aims to help combat symptoms of S.A.D, Jet Lag, helping maintain healthier body rhythms and boost energy in winter months.


I have always struggled standing still for any length of time, I discovered this when I was 7 and a hairdresser asked me to stand still for the duration of the of the haircut, I passed out. I can walk and walk all day, dance at a gig all night, but ask me to simply stand and my body goes wrong. I’m like the soldier face-planting the tarmac during an official ceremony.

Hape Medieval Quest

Hape believe that toys don’t need to be made from plastic or powered with batteries to entertain. This expertly designed wooden marble run is a fast-paced medieval themed game, the marbles are placed at the tip of the rotary tower, twist the flag and watch them get released one by one onto this marble run. With an angry Griffin threatening to attack the castle, the marbles are released to protect it with unique features, like a watermill, rotary tower and drawbridge. The castle is made from strong, child-safe materials, recommended from ages 4 and up.

Laser X 2 player

When we were kids there was no cooler place to have a birthday party than at the local Laser Quest. If I concentrate hard, I can still smell the unique combination of sweat, feet, and pizza, so imagine my utter joy when I was asked to play with review the Laser X. This version came with two Laser X Blasters, both requiring 3 AAA batteries, I immediately raided all the TV remotes to get the Blasters working. I hopped from foot to foot until my husband got out of the shower and then yelled the instructions at him over my shoulder as I ran upstairs and hid.

Lenco L-85

More and more people are turning back to the superior sound quality of vinyl, and with that, people are digging out their old record players only to find they don’t work anymore. Or if they are from the younger generation of music lovers, then they are looking to buy their first record player. The Lenco L-85 is a good place to start, choose from 4 colourful designs, black, grey, red and white, to bring a fun and contemporary way to play your vinyl collection.