Soundfreaq - Charge Rise

Soundfreaq - Charge Rise 
Two essential bedside items in one, the Charge Rise from Soundfreaq combines an alarm clock and wireless phone charger.  Throw your phone down and have it charge overnight without needing to plug it in, and be able to easily see the time and deal with your alarm without having to faff with your phone then, either. Perfect! 


£9.99 plus P&P 
I remember snap bands being all the rage as an accessory when I was a primary school kid – aka, back when the SnapWatch was first thought up twenty years ago! Since then, regular digital watches have become products such as the Apple and Samsung watch, but the SnapWatch is finally here to contend. If Claire’s is anything to go by, then the snap band is still a popular accessory in its own right, too. 

Groov-e launches Radio Curve: A rechargeable portable alarm clock radio

9th August 2021, London, UK - Groov-e, a leading UK tech brand, today adds Radio Curve to its portable radio collection.

The compact, sleek black alarm clock radio features a large, white LED display so users can easily see the time, control its functions and tune the FM radio. The preset function allows for quick access to 20 different stations and the integrated antenna improves signal quality for a high quality listening experience.

Batman Lego Movie Minifigure Clock

Batman is the king of gadgets, he is also a massive narcissist, so it only makes sense that the Dark Knight would love something like this. The Lego Batman Alarm Clock from is a Batman LEGO Movie Minifigure Clock that has moving legs, he can either chill and sit on your bedside table, or stand ominously over you until you get up. Push his mask to light up the digital clock face or snooze (Batman would NEVER press snooze) and set the time/date/alarm on his back, under the cape.


Some (extremely strange) people will hear their alarm go off in the morning, wake up instantly and spring out of bed. Normal people like me will have a minimum of three alarms on their phone, all set up to snooze multiple times before they finally drag themselves out of the warm clutches of their bed. Worse still, some morning I not only sleep through my alarms, but somehow manage turn them off in a semi-conscious state. It’s like my bed and my brain are in cahoots to make mornings as difficult as possible.