Opcom Farm O2

Apart from being an attractive addition to the home, house plants also act as your very own natural air purifier as they love to swallow up the gases in the air we don’t want, and thankfully produce the oxygen that we definitely do want. As someone who struggles to keep even cacti alive, the idea of letting this little gadget do all the hard work is very appealing.

Rapha Pro Team Lightweight Gilet

When you need a little protection in the unpredictable weather, but don’t want to be bogged down with bulky gear that you might want to remove after your initial warm up, the packable wind gilet from Rapha’s Pro Team range is could be exactly what you need. Available in four colours, Black, Grey Blue, Bright Orange and Hi-Vis Pink, this ultra-lightweight Gilet is a thin but tough outer layer that can be used all year round, during warm ups, cool downs, early starts and moving into cooler evenings as soon as the sun drops.

Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L

Peak Design are well known for their practical camera bags and the Everyday Sling is no different, as the name suggest this 8L/10L bag has been designed for those days that require less gear or photographers that prefer the minimalist approach. Constructed with a single-shoulder strap, the bag and all your equipment is easily accessible, with the Flexfold dividers ensuring everything is organised, the 2 strong and padded dividers can be reconfigured or completely removed to fit your needs.

On Running Cloudflash

There is a reason On Running have a cloud theme around all their lines and that’s because they consistently manage to produce some of the lightest and bounciest running shoes out there. As the old saying goes, 1lb on your feet is meant to be the equivalent to 5lb on your back, and if you are serious about getting your pace up, being as light as you can when heading out the door is a good start.

Nextbase Mirror Dash Cam

The Nextbase Mirror Dash Cam aims to minimise clutter in your field of vision by integrating the camera and screen into the already existing part of your car, the rear-view mirror. This mirror can be attached to all sizes of existing mirror via five suction cups which hold it securely in place, it also features a backup strap mounting for belt and braces. The Mirror has a lightweight design and an inbuilt 6G Glass lens that records at 1080p HD, it has a 140° wide viewing angle to capture everything that’s going on ahead of you in the road.

Nextbase DAB Radio Adapt DAB250

I recently had the pleasure of having my car decluttered by a member of the local community. What I mean by that is someone lobbed a can of beer through my passenger window and stole my DAB radio, pot of change and sunglasses. Though funnily enough they left my thermal and waterproof boots which were more valuable than the other items put together.

Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS

This is one of those things you buy but hope you will never need to use, like a fire extinguisher or life insurance, but it is better to have it and not need than get into trouble. The new Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS, redesigned to be less than half the size of the original radio, is a GPS locator accurate to 1.5 meters in the event of becoming thrown overboard.

Headway EDB-2

The latest addition to the Headway Music Audio collection of Acoustic Pickups and Pre-amps is the EDB-2. Following from the success of the ‘EDB-1 Equaliser Direct Blend Pre-Amp’, Headway have made some improvements, including refined class “A” inputs and Pro Audio IC Components, an easy to read Pro-Audio design layout, as well as a new strong metal body.