Skandika Milano 10

Summer is truly upon us, even if no one has told the weather. It’s time to pack up your airbed and portable BBQ and head to a field with one toilet for 200 people, it’s camping season!!! The Milano 10 is an excellent choice for a large family, group of friends or one person and their entire house, with a 200cm peak height most people will be able to comfortably stand which makes activities like getting changed and river dancing much easier.

PackTowl Luxe Towel

Whether you enjoy open water swimming, surfing, or you are crazy enough to participate in triathlons, there comes a point when you have to jump out of the water and attempt to get dry and changed. A large, fluffy towel would be ideal, but it is bulky and heavy to carry around all day and it will take a long time to dry - foisty, damp-towel smell is not something you want to transfer to the rest of your gear!


The Loupedeck+ is a cool little device that works alongside Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and Aurora HDR, with the promise of other leading photo editing software to be added later in the year. You can get your creativity on in a fast and intuitive way, with buttons, dials and sliders to play with, you can precisely adjust without taking your eyes away from the screen or scrolling through endless menus.