QuickZip Zip Bed Sheets

Sometimes, something comes along that makes you wonder why it hasn’t been done before, I know  it might not be up there with real world problems, but equally changing the bed becomes an issue in our house because neither of us want to take on the challenge or battling with the sheets. I had never considered how awkward it is until the QuickZip arrived at work, the bed in our master bedroom has a lip around the edge of the base which means I regularly bruise my knuckles lifting up the corners to attach the fitted sheet, the spare bed is even more difficult

Pluto Trigger Release

The Pluto Trigger Release is a wireless, smart trigger that is packed with useful functions to help you create beautiful images, with the help of a smartphone app the Pluto Trigger has even more features and is much easier to use than an old shutter release remote. The Pluto is compatible with all major brands including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Minolta, Panasonic, Olympus, Pentax and there are 13 types of cables to support more than 300 camera models.

On Running Cloudace

Fresh out the factory the new Cloudace couldn’t have landed on my desk at a better time. With my old trainers slowing falling apart with every step, not to mention the distinct swampy smell after a recent mud run, it is time for an upgrade. 95% of my runs are road runs so I naturally look for a trainer with cushioning to help reduce the risk of impact related injuries and for a more comfortable, springy run.

Mixfader ProLink

As vinyl continually elbows its way back into popularity, people have been beginning to unleash their inner DJ and play around with mixing and scratching. The Mixfader ProLink is a tiny battery-powered device that will allow you to explore the different ways to scratch on portable turntables, promising the sharpest cuts, ultra-precision and lossless audio quality.


If I lost or damaged my phone 15 years ago, the biggest inconvenience would be gathering up all my lost contacts off my mates and shelling out for a new Motorola Razr. These days, as much as I hate to admit it, my phone is my life, like an external brain. If I lost it, I would lose not just my contacts, but photos, videos, music, messages, documents and a calendar, essentially rendering me a functionless human being.