Spurcycle Tool

When everything runs smoothly, a trip out on the bike can be one of the most enjoyable things out there. But, you only need one wobbly nut to quickly make things take a turn for the worse (just to clarify that’s the metal kind of ‘nut’, however either variety could result in discomfort.) To ensure you are always ready for any eventuality, both at home and on the move, Spurcyle has got you covered.

Spurcycle Multi Pouch

The Multi Pouch from Spurcycle is hand made in the USA by Fog City in San Francisco, California. The idea behind this simple little bag is to help you get out the door and onto the bike with a short a transition time. If you are anything like me I have a routine of running back in the house I minimum of two times because I have forgotten something, whether it is tools, cash or first aid there is always something which I think is slowly driving my partner insane.

Spurcycle Bell

Ok, so maybe a big chunky bell could ruin the overall look of your vintage fixed-gear bike with antique leather saddle and ironic basket, but when you are cycling to your favourite independent, responsibly sourced, dairy-free coffee shop you need something to make the plebeians move out of the way. Fear not- Spurcycle have designed possibly one of the most attractive bicycle bells to compliment you hipster bike (side note: this bell will also work on non-hipster bikes).