Quad lock iPhone X Bike Kit with Poncho

What better way to kick off the new year than throwing yourself head first into a new hobby, and what better hobby than cycling? Most of us have a bike buried in the garage somewhere and let’s be honest, you always wanted to try out those padded bike shorts. The Quad Lock Bike kit for iPhone X allows you to take your phone along for the ride without the fear of getting lost. This is the lightest, strongest, and most secure iPhone X Bike Mount available.

Quad Lock Bike Kit iPhone7

As smartphones slowly absorb every other gadget’s purpose into their own arsenal like some unstoppable technical amoeba, it’s become increasingly difficult to leave you phone behind when participating in any activity. Yes, you could leave your phone at home whilst you enjoy a pleasant bike ride around the countryside with no destination or time limit, but what is the point in doing anything if you can’t monitor, analyse your results and then show off on social media?

Quad Lock Motorbike Mount and Car Suction Mount

Earlier this year we looked at the Quad Lock Cycle Mount and were impressed by how sturdy it was, but how bumpy does it really get on a bicycle? Could it really be as secure on a Motorcycle? It came with the iPhone 7 Plus case and the iPhone 7 Plus poncho to get us started, you can buy them separately or as a kit. The Quad Lock Motorcycle Mount is a flexible mount for your phone that allows for a convenient and visible location on your bike. It features a rotating head and comes with an extension arm if extra clearance is required.