Blackburn Wayside Backpack and Pannier

Bikes are great, they are better for the environment, a good source of exercise as well as easier and cheaper to find a place to park than a car, the downside is they do not come with a boot to store all your shopping in. The Wayside Backpack and Pannier from Blackburn has been designed to be suitable for carrying your gear both on and off the bike, it isn’t the lightest of things at 929g when empty but chances are you aren’t going to be racing in the Tour de France with all your shopping in tow.

Coros Omni Smart Cycling Helmet

The Coros Omni Smart Cycling Helmet combines protection with connectivity, that helps to keep you safe on the road whilst allowing you to enjoy some tunes and remain connected to people via calls and SOS Emergency Alerts. Starting with the overall design, the helmet has large ventilated areas and angled edges for a sharp and streamlined look, it is available in Black, White, Red and Blue.

Leg & Go Balance Bike 3in1

Like many people I can remember getting my stabiliser removed off my first bike, I felt like I was such a grown up setting out for the first time on wheels, shortly after I was covered in plasters and iodine. The problem with stabilisers is they fail to teach you the art of balance and subtle leaning needed to master a bike, to ease children into the world of cycling a balance bike is a good place to start.


The SmartHalo is essentially a cycling companion with a minimalist interface that can help, navigate, protect, encourage, assist and light your way when you are out on your bike. With a clean design and a light-up halo indication, it is simple and attractive to use.  

Elite Workstand Race Pro

When you have spent hundreds or even thousands of pounds on your bike, you will want to keep it in the best of nick: taking time to clean and maintain your bike will become as important to you as getting out on the road or trail. When I was a kid and I needed to work on my bike, I would flip it upside down and rest it on the handle bars and saddle, an action that would make many serious cyclists turn green just at the thought of it. The Elite Race Pro Work Stand is the stand of choice for pro teams like Europcar and Katusha.

Orp Smart Horn and REMORP

Simply screaming expletives at other road uses from your bike to make them aware of your presence is often frowned upon, so to combat this, Orpland have created a solution by producing the world’s first combination dual-tone bike horn & beacon light. Built with the express intention of making you more visible and audible, the Orp uses a dual-decibel horn and front beacon light within a small, light, and weatherproof case that can be recharged via a USB connection. Orp's integral strap makes mounting a breeze for almost all handlebars.

Tigr Mini Bike Lock

The original Tigr lock caught our attention as being a complete rethink of the conventional bike lock, they have the strength and security of a U-lock with the light weight of a wire lock, so when we heard that Tigr had created a baby version we were keen to get a look at it. My bike isn’t worth a lot financially but it has sentimental value plus if it was nicked it would be difficult to find another bike with its rusty charm, a friend of mine suggested that using the original Tigr lock would be like buying a combination safe to keep a £10 note in it (bit