Walkstool Comfort

The great outdoors has so much to offer: breath-taking views, exciting activities but rarely a comfortable area to park your backside. I’m not one to complain but get your act together nature! In the mean time there is always the option of taking a chair out with you, but who wants to lug a large camping chair around with them?

Skandika Mercury Moon Chair

Cringe alert! One of the things I miss when we go camping aside from clean toilets, cold beer, and not getting food poisoning from under-cooked sausages, is having a cuddle on the sofa. Before you get excited, no, the Mercury Moon Chair is not a sofa. Also, I must say straight away that the max weight for the chair is 110kg. I won’t tell you how much we weigh together but it is slightly over that… The good news is that we didn’t fall through the bottom of it.