BisonGear Rolling Grill

With an endless possibility of what you can take camping nowadays, you can quickly become burdened with the amount of gear you’re carrying. The rolling grill by BisonGear is a great item for helping with that. The lightweight grill can roll up to nice compact size to fit in the carrying sack provided, then to assemble the grill, simply slide two rails to the sides of the grill and adjust the legs to your preference - this should take no longer than a minute.

Campingaz 400st Xcelerate Stove with Double Burner and Toaster

The sun is out, the great outdoors is calling and whether you spend the week living in a field (preferably in a tent or caravan) or simply get out in your garden, local park or industrial estate car park, wherever you end up there’s nothing quite like chilling outside and dining alfresco. The Xcelerate Stove with Double Burner and Toaster from Campingaz provides 2 x 2200W with a gas consumption of 2 x 165 g/h + 75 g/h, it can boil a kettle (at 3 m/s wind speed) in 10 minutes for 1L.

Helinox Chair Two

Straight from the off I’m going to confess I love Helinox chairs, the regular Sunday set up at our house is the hubby and I, sat in our Helinox chairs in front of the TV, kicking some zombie ass on CoD (we know how to live it up). This isn’t what they are made for, but they are so freaking convenient we tend to use them for everything. Helinox chairs (they also make tables and cots) are designed to be strong, lightweight and compact, making them the perfect travel companion.

Klymit Armored V Sleeping Pad

When it comes to comfort people often think more is…well more, however you don’t need to have the thickest mattress in the world to get a decent nights sleep. You heard it here first, the Klymit Armored V sleeping pad has been created to offer you an excellent night’s sleep, even on the most rugged of terrain with a thin sleeping pad that can be inflated in less than a minute.