Targus 15” Newport Backpack 

Targus 15” Newport Backpack 
The Newport Backpack from Targus has been designed with work-to-leisure in mind, visualised as something that would be at home in a professional context, but could just as easily come with you into town for a shop and a stroll around afterwards. Most significantly, it’s been designed with tablets and slim laptops in mind and yet it doesn’t scream ‘laptop bag’, making it a far safer place to stash those work essentials as you go about your regular day. 

CableClip & CableYoyo from BlueLounge

CableClip & CableYoyo from BlueLounge
$9.95 each

BlueLounge is a company whose products are focused around office management, and the devil is in the detail. It doesn’t matter how nicely designed and decorated your office is – there is one factor that will ultimately make or break whether you have a calm and tidy space: cable management. This is what BlueLounge focuses on, producing a variety of products for storing, organizing and neatening your cables in an effect and reusable way.

Varidesk Corner Cube 48

We’re all sitting down too much - the average for an office worker is 10 hours a day - and there’s a mountain of research that says this is increasing our risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity to name but a few. So whether it’s for health reasons or because you want to be able to spy on the next cubicle, standing desks are becoming more and more popular.

BEEM Air Joy Hot & Cool Bladeless Fan

There’s nothing quite like the smell of an electric fan or heater - the burning smell of collected dust being blown at you whilst you try to work at your desk, then switching to an equally musty smelling fan in the summer time. The BEEM Air Joy takes the hassle out of regulating your room temperature by merging both heater and fan into one device without the use of grates or blades that collect dust over time.