Fantasia Retro Mistral Desk Fan

Working in an office can be a pretty uncomfortable environment even without the arguments over who’s turn it is to make the tea. Summer time in our office, without air conditioning and south facing windows, means it quickly turns into a green-house environment by lunch time. Having your own desk fan makes life slightly more bearable, and knowing my body odour and farts are blowing onto the person behind me gives me a weird sense of power, but hey, I’m a horrible person.

BEEM Air Joy Hot & Cool Bladeless Fan

There’s nothing quite like the smell of an electric fan or heater - the burning smell of collected dust being blown at you whilst you try to work at your desk, then switching to an equally musty smelling fan in the summer time. The BEEM Air Joy takes the hassle out of regulating your room temperature by merging both heater and fan into one device without the use of grates or blades that collect dust over time.