Knog PWR Mountain Bike Light

Mountain biking is risky enough as it is but throw in poor light conditions and it’s downright dangerous. The PWR Mountain is a modular bike light designed for the rough and tumble of trail and mountain biking with a few added extra features thrown in. This powerful bike light provides up to 2000 lumens of light output, it can be removed from the bike and doubles as a camping light and also becomes a 10000mAh power bank to charge up your devices.

Lezyne Deca 1500 XXL

The Lezyne Deca 1500 XXL claims to be the finest high-performance LED cycling light out there, designed for all forms of serious night riding. First things first, I need to explain that this isn’t a light to help you be see when you are cycling from work in the winter - this is a light that allows you to see the road and surrounding area whilst night riding. Anyone who lives in the countryside can appreciate how dangerous it can be riding in the dark; one pot hole or rock on the road can send you flying into the undergrowth when travelling at speed.