JR Ultra X1000S Nutri Blender

JR Ultra X1000S Nutri Blender



The JR Ultra brand at Juicy Retreats is a line of high-quality juicers with impressive looking metallic finishes and the impression of having as many bells and whistles as a coffee maker. Any of the line would look fantastic in your kitchen, but how do they perform? We tested out the JR Ultra X1000S Nutri Blender.

Ninja Complete Food Processor with Auto-iQ and Nutri Ninja

The packaging is a great indicator of the experience I was about to have with the Nutri Ninja, there is loads of information, photos and descriptions plastered all over the box making it quite busy and intimidating and when I opened the box I found loads of little boxes like Russian dolls, each with lots of complicated looking bits inside. As a kitchen system you get a lot of gear for your money, 1500 watt motor base, 500ml Nutri Ninja cup, 650ml Nutri Ninja cup, pro extractor blade assembly, two spout lids, 1.8L food processor bowl, chopping blade assembl

Nutri Ninja Pro Complete Personal Blender with Auto-iQ 1100W

The Nutri Ninja blender range is all the range currently as myself and thousands of others Endeavour not only to get healthier but do so in a way which convenient, current and cost- effective. In a world captivated by the ‘clean eating’ phenomenon, if you don’t process a Nutri Ninja product, you will certainly know somebody that does.