Bont Cycling Helix

The Helix from Bont Cycling comes in six different styles: Conflict, Metallic Blue, White/Black, Gold/Black, Black/White, Charcoal/Shiny Red/White, and comes in sizes 4-14 with half sizes available throughout the range. These shoes are the go-to standard that Bont Cycling has to offer, boasting a race-proven anatomic fit and have a newly reimagined closure system, with loads of thought-out features to get through, let’s saddle up and get started.

Bont Cycling Vaypor+

The Vaypor+ from Bont tries to combine luxury with strength when designing this technical cycling shoe, featuring the strength of a kangaroo leather upper, soft cow hide internal lining and Bont Cycling’s carbon technology to ensure the highest strength-to-weight ratio and lowest stack height. This shoe is available in white, black, blue, green, brown and orange, and in standard, wide, narrow and Asian fit as well as a Full Custom option.

Bont Riot MTB

The Bont Riot MTB is the world’s first carbon composite heat moldable entry level MTB shoe to offer in the marketplace. The Riot MTB has combined the pro series technical features including the power transfer platform, replaceable sole guards, anatomical shaping and competition grade materials. The upper is constructed from a strong microfiber outer layer with mesh inserts that help the breathability of the shoes, the carbon composite construction has been specifically designed to keep the weight low.